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Traffic From Online  Feeder Site Traffic

Do you know how to generate quick traffic to your website, while solidifying your place in the major search engines?

Feeder websites.

We call them ‘feeder sites” because they feed traffic to your website from engines like and

Since feeder sites carry such massive weight and authority with the major search engines, it doesn’t take long before your website is indexed, and you are able to acquire valuable backlinks from these established community portals.

There are literally hundreds of feeder resource sites online, with the most popular ones being:, and blog based feeder sites like and

When feeder sites are networked and linked together, they are often referred to as “link wheels”, because the traffic is filtered through the wheel, feeding off one of another.

Linkwheels are one of the easiest methods used in order to create massive amounts of backlinks, as well as solidify a higher ranking based on your keywords in the search engine rankings.

Here is an example of a common link wheel structure:

Linkwheels can be extremely complex but in truth, you only need a few feeder sites set up and optimized in order to begin generated targeted free traffic through your affiliate links.

The most popular (and easiest) linkwheel strategy is to create a page that includes your article content and your affiliate link on each of the following sites:

There are two types of linkwheels, in general – open linkwheels and closed linkwheels. While this may seem complicated all it really means is that with open linkwheels you create sites that all link to each other.

For example (closed linkwheel)
Site A links to Site B | Site B links to Site C | Site C links back to Site A

With open link wheels there is no closing, so your wheel might go something like this:

Site A links to Site B | Site B links to Site C | Site C links nowhere

With each feeder site, your objective is to create simple webpages that incorporate your primary keywords into both the page titles and the content itself. This will help you rank within the search engines, attracting organic traffic.

For sites like Squidoo, you also want to inject ‘tags’ into your pages (known as “lenses”).

You can build as many lens pages as you wish with Squidoo, and each time you create a lens page, you will be given a unique URL that leads visitors to your pages. You should always focus on incorporating your keyword phrase into your Squidoo lens URL.

Your URL should also include your most relevant keyword phrases as well. This URL can’t be changed at a later date, so be careful with what you choose. (You can however, change your Squidoo page’s title at any time).


Tip: Some marketers are using Squidoo lenses as squeeze pages as well, since they allow you to implement your autoresponder code directly into your lens pages.


You can also connect your Squidoo lens to your Twitter account, so that whenever you update your Squidoo lens with fresh content, you can instantly send out a tweet from within the Twitter community, informing your followers that you have recently updated your lens. This is a great way to cross promote your social marketing activity. 

Another similar service that allows you to develop one-page websites that rank heavily within the search engines is available at

With Hub Pages, you can also earn revenue from different add ons that you decide to implement, but are also able to add tags to your hub pages for better ranking within the search engines, as well as within the HubPages community itself.

Two other exceptionally valuable feeder sites are found at:
Both of these services provide you with the option to set up free, remotely hosted blogs, and by doing so, you can generate an instant authority back link to your own website, while maximizing exposure from the high ranking both of these sites hold within search engines like

Tip: Once your linkwheel is set up, make sure that you ping each individual website URL by visiting

Generating Traffic From Authority Blogs

When it comes to adding comments to popular blogs as a way of generating a back link to your website, you want to ensure that your comment is useful or informative, so that you don’t run the risk of having all of your comments removed by the blog author.

To determine whether a specific blog will count as a link back, you can download the free Firefox plugin at:

It’s also important to use anchor text within your blog comments, especially if you want to rank for various keyword phrases.

For example, if a blog or website is linking to you, rather than feature a link like this:

<a href=””>Your Domain Name </a>

You would want to use something like this:

<a href=””> Relevant Keyword Here </a>

Traffic From Online Directories

With online directories, you can add your website into specific categories and instantly establish traffic (and backlinks) to your website, just be careful not to over-do it!

You want to develop a natural back link campaign, so that you are not penalized by the search engines .

A few directories to consider are:

You can also hire a service that will submit your website into specific directories. Just be sure to provide a listing of relevant categories that you would like your website to be submitted to, as well as a keyword list to be used with anchor text.

Here are a few services worth checking out:


Quick Traffic From Free Download Sites

The easiest way to kick off your campaign and gain quick exposure is by uploading the new report or ebook to free ebook directory sites, including:

With Tradebit, you can instantly upload your PLR ebooks and start selling or distributing them for free. You can also connect your Tradebit account with eBay, Myspace and even Facebook.

You also want to upload your ebook to which will begin to generate free traffic almost instantly.

With sites like Scribd, just make sure that you include relevant tags and keywords with your ebook listing so that people browsing the site are able to find and download your ebook based on keywords entered into Scribd’s internal search option.

Another fast and easy method of generating mass exposure for your private label ebooks and reports is by uploading it to

Here is a listing of other ebook directories:

Social Bookmarking for Traffic

With social bookmarking, you can easily generate traffic to your website, by submitting your website URL into social communities like or which allow users to share their favorite sites with other members of the community, as well as post comments regarding the website content.

Here are the top social bookmarking websites for generating fresh back links to your site. All of these contain DO follow, ensuring links leading to your website will count within the search engines as a valid back link:

1 – (PR9)
2 – (PR8)
3 – (PR8)
4- (PR7)
5 – (PR7)
6 – (PR7)
7 – (PR7)
8 – (PR7)
9 – (PR7)
10 – (PR7)

Quick Traffic From Online Forums

One of the easiest methods of building back links to your website, while exploring potential product ideas, evaluating niches, and communicating with your target audience is by spending time in forums and community boards that are focused on your market.

One easy method of locating potential message boards and communities is by reviewing the directory of forums located at

You can also search for active discussions in your market by using the Google search engine. Visit and enter in search strings including “your keyword+forum” or “your-keyword+message boards” to locate hundreds of possible communities.

The more active you are within these forums, the more traffic you will be able to generate to your website.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that you need to do your part in building a solid reputation, and not appear to be spamming the boards with the intention of promoting yourself or your websites.

Complete Forum Directory (with alexa ranking, etc):