[P1 Targeting App] Effective Keyword Research Case Study


[P1 Targeting App] Effective Keyword Research CaseStudy

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Keywords make the world go around,,,,, not talking just in google… everywhere.. Keywords are how you reach people online. Keyword research is One the best skills you can master. Finding buyer keywords or “money Keywords is a real art. You like to get the Skinny on all that? Here is a FREE Special Report with Training on HOW to….. Discouver Easy To Rank Keywords Download P1 Keyword Selection Formula Special Report & Register For Exclusive Keyword Research Training Webinar… ALL FREE! Download it Now… CLICK HERE ☛ Dick Cash


P1 Trageting App Review Bonus Review

• Main component of SEO and Internet marketing. • Keyword research is one of the best skills you can master. • Keywords are how you reach people online. • Finding buyer keywords or “money” keywords is a real art. • High traffic keywords are not always the best ones to go after. • Studies show that only 30% of searches are popular phrases. • Phrases like “golf” or “weight loss” • Industry keywords. • More specific keywords lead to more qualified traffic. • Long tail keywords. • Keyword phrases longer than three or more keywords. • For Example: • “digital camera” (Not Specific) • “Canon Eos Rebel T3i Review” (Very Specific)


Look at your current data.

Google Analytics or Website Logs

They show what keywords people are finding you for.

Improve your rankings for these keywords.

Google Webmaster Tools data.

Use keyword tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

Use search suggestions found in major search engines.

Browse your competitor’s sites for keyword ideas.

Monitor industry websites in your niche market.

Look at sites like Yahoo Answers.

Provides a variety of perspectives on keywords.

Look at Thesaurus.com for related keyword phrases.

This is a DFY = Done for you – keyword tool and one of the best you will find as Peter Garety and his team really know how the google and bots work and light years above most other people’s concept on this…. it is simply amazing and could tell you how great this is or that is… or you could simply try it out…. 30 days free….. That’s right! I would highly recommend you give it a try as a 30 day money back, no questions asked guarantee well enough said … CHECK IT OUT NOW~ Download it Now… CLICK HERE ☛

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